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I have had five books and numerous magazine articles published. All books so far are about amateur astronomy.


My first four books are written mostly for astronomers who have finished the beginner stage and are looking to get more from the hobby. Having said that, some beginners and some more advanced astronomers may also find interesting information that they can use. With the exception of sections written by astronomers with more experience in certain areas than I have, all information in these books has been personally verified and, in many cases, I have tried out suggestions made my other contributors.

My fifth book was a personal project that I had wanted to do for ages. I always wanted to write a beginner book but the situation was not right. It took me a lot longer to finalise than I thought but it is finally ready and makes a nice introduction to my first four books. At only £5 a copy it won't cut too much from your equipment budget.

Here is a list of books here, in order of publication. Please click to see details:

Observing the Sun with Coronado Telescopes and Filters
The Science and Art of using Astronomical Telescopes
How to photograph the Moon and planets with your digital camera
Observing the Messier objects with a small telescope
Being An Astronomer

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Please note that pictures in the books are not meant as possible candidates for "picture of the yonk" but are normally used to illustrate photographic techniques or describe how an object looks. Indeed, all books have some tips and tricks on photography. I don't own any advanced photographic equipment myself and don't think any of my photos would win any prizes. Nevertheless, many of them are more than pleasing to the eye and have been "liked" on Twitter.

If you wish to read any of my material for free, I have some articles here.

Since publications of the books, I have continued to investiage tools and techniques for affordable astrophotography and you can see many examples on my main site.

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